Chapter 11. Saved!

But instead of being hit by the truck, Crystal was jerked back onto the sidewalk by a stranger who grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He came out of nowhere.  She hadn’t seen anyone around her while she was walking.  She lost her balance when he pulled her out of the road, and fell onto the sidewalk.  The stranger bent over her to make sure she was alright. He asked her if she wanted him to call the paramedics. 

She said no, that she was fine and that she just needed a few minutes. She told him that she just lived a few blocks away and could walk home.  The stranger waited respectfully for Crystal to gather her strength, and when she started to get up, he held onto her arm to help her. Crystal thanked him, and he waited a minute to make sure she was steady before letting go of her arm.  He said “Jesus loves you and he has a plan for your life. Take care of yourself.”  And then he disappeared.