Chapter 15. Emergency Room

“Mom, I don’t feel so good.”

Kevin shuffled into Liz and Brian’s bedroom as they were starting to get ready for bed.

Liz turned to look at him. 

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”  

He was clutching his abdomen. “My stomach.  It feels like steel balls churning around in my stomach.”

Kevin suddenly bolted into their bathroom and vomited in the sink, then sank to the floor. 

“Brian, stay with him. I’m going to call the doctor.

She returned a few minutes later with a bowl in case Kevin couldn’t get to the bathroom in time, and some clothes for him. 

“Sweetie, can you help Kevin into his clothes and jacket? The doctor is meeting us at the emergency room in half an hour. I’ll wake up Anna to let her know we’re going, and will put together a few things in case we have to stay there for a while.”